Drupal Camp Pune 2017

Valuebound is excited to sponsor Drupal Camp Pune 2017

We are proud to announce that Valuebound is sponsoring and participating in Drupal Camp Pune to be held on 29th and 30th of July. We also have Rakesh - one of our senior most Drupalers as featured speakers at the Camp.

This year's Camp intends to cater to a wider audience. The idea is to bring together a diverse group of Drupal lovers and to-be Drupalers and showcase the community, its ideas and the people who make this community so wonderful, not to mention the learnings it would entail.

Valuebound has actively sponsored and participated in a host of camps worldwide and Being at the Pune DrupalCamp, is a great opportunity to connect with the community and the developers in general. Contributing to Drupal is fundamental to the transformation and innovation of an organization and individual today and into the future, as the Internet gains traction as the primary source of information.

Drupal is backed by one of the world's strongest community of open source developers and enthusiasts, Drupal is supported and contributed to by a wide range of organizations and individuals. It is a CMS that focuses on delivering the best of digital experiences and content to the right audience at the right time. It innovates some of the leading organizations like NBC universal, Tesla, and the US government to power web applications for content creators, marketers and admins for easy workflow management, commercial experience and seamless digital experience across all channels. The Drupal community also organizes Drupal Camps and events globally throughout the year to open up opportunities for Drupal users to network and build the community for the continuous development of individuals and platform in turn.

Valuebound has consistently been one of the top Drupal contributors in the world and in India, building responsive and intuitive design with inputs in workflow management and insights for content management.