Drupal Camp

Highlights from DrupalCamp Mumbai 2018

DrupalCamp Mumbai 2018 is just around the corner and we are all set for it. This year we are excited to support DrupalCamp in Mumbai as both Gold sponsors and attendees. The camp is returning to Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. The three-day camp consists of Drupal 8 workshop on Friday 27th April, keynote session as well as various talks on 28th April. The 2018 Camp will conclude with sessions, code sprints followed by a vote of thanks and closing ceremony. 

During the camp, you can catch the Valuebound team presenting the following sessions:

Drupal 8 Plugin API

We all know that Drupal 8 introduced many new APIs. The Plugins API is used to extend Drupal and add new functionality that allows modules to define new plugin types. In this session “Drupal 8 Plugin API”, Drupal consultant Manoj K will discuss on various agendas like:

  • Things you need to know before creating Plugin
  • When to use Plugin or Service
  • Plugin vs Info Hooks
  • Example of pluggable components
  • Plugin discovery types
  • How to create your own Plugin Manager

Package Your Solution Using Drupal Distributions

In this session, Drupal consultant Girish V and Pavan B S will talk about the powerful Drupal distributions or installation profiles. They will also cover how distribution can reduce the development hours by giving you a head-start for your project.

The session will cover the topics around building a distribution:

  •   What is a Distribution or Installation Profile
  •   What can be packaged inside a Distro
  •   How it is beneficial as a starting point
  •   When do we need to think about architecting an installation profile
  •   Popular Distributions present in the market

The session will be followed by a brief demo of creating a basic installation profile using Drupal 8. 

Too Many Project Methodology Can Spoil Drupal Projects

What happens when you start working on a project which turns your way of working upside down? How do you keep your sanity and support your team while keeping your client happy? Everything is different, from deployments and workflows to conflicting Scrum methodology. Many people try to wear a Project Manager hat, however, few deliver the project successfully on deadline. Here the bottleneck is a timebox. 

In this session, Scrum Master  Nikhil Anant will share his first-hand experience how he and the development team fixed the clients woes and what worked for them. The various agendas of this session are:

  • Project Decision Tree
  • Choosing the right team members
  • Tradition Vs Agile approach
  • Plan-Do-Check-Act
  • Retrospective
  • Where are we going? 
  • Take a break
  • Bounceback

So how can you connect with the Valuebound team 

Well, the easiest way is to stop by our booth in the exhibition area. Join the Valuebound team and fellow Drupalists to learn about our open positions and grab some goodies!