American Heritage Magazine - Migration to Drupal 8

American Heritage

The American Heritage is one of the oldest and most respected publications in the United States as the leading magazine about American history since 1949. With more than 20,000 records to manage, AH needed a robust, scalable system with flexibility to handle numerous content types such as issues, articles, reviews, books, author bios, 4,000 historic sites, artifacts, and even recipes. Creators needed to view based on content types and creators to view content based on topics for workflow.

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Problem being faced

American Heritage had an urgent need to replace a legacy site built on failing Drupal 6 code that was no longer supported. It was time to move to Drupal 8 which supports enhanced functionalities, access control for different type of web visitors and editors, and greater security.

American Heritage needed a robust, scalable system with flexibility to handle numerous different content and user types. It also needed a scalable system since it expects a ten-fold increase in web traffic after the magazine is relaunched and multiple historical societies begin to use subscriptions to the magazine as a member benefit.

One of the challenges was to implement and support with popups for the website. No module was available for this so the team created Modal Blocks, it displays a block or set of blocks in as popup in a page.

After years of frustrating work with another vendor, it was great to have Valuebound take charge of architecting and implementing a solution. Their team were easy to work with, and accomplished an enormous job quickly and competently. Tasks requested at the end of the day were often completed by the next morning. I would strongly recommend any publishing company looking for a competent.
Edwin S. Grosvenor
Wrap up

Migrate 20,000 records including 70 years of articles by 1,300 authors. Implement content tagging to access and map content across the site and build new functionalities on the new site.