Improving employee engagement by 1000% for a Cloud Computing Organization

Improving employee engagement

The client is a global leader in virtualization and cloud computing solutions with 25000+ employees across 25+ countries. Their software spans compute, cloud, networking and security, and digital workspace. They are among the global top 10 best workplaces in technology. 

Intent to build a new age digital experience platform for their employees, the client wanted the most user friendly content creation and device friendly consumption platform for their employees. Valuebound and the client’s IT team decided to start the journey with getting the global team’s feedback, understanding their diverse employee’s needs and content governance requirements.

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Problem being faced

The client wanted to create a new age digital experience for its 25,000+ employees spread across 25+ countries by redeveloping their intranet portal. The main inspiration for this initiative was to enable all the Business Units to create and manage their own content which will follow the company content governance model, at the same time providing very good user experience and also enable internal online brand building.

The existing portal suffered from problems like difficulty in building internal branding, lack of employee engagement, difficult process of publishing content, lack of data and insights to take business decisions and understanding the employee engagement across multiple touch points. 


During the discovery phase of the engagement, our team conducted a digital experience solution evaluation to meet the demand as per extensive global employee survey and content governance requirement set forth by the company. User Personalization was a critical requirement for better and unique user experience.  
We decided to build a decoupled CMS on the Drupal 8 platform with Angular JS. Which had to be integrated with existing Adobe Omniture and other AEM modules present on customer facing website. Content creation process needed intuitive user experience, so a widget based page layout builder was suggested.


We used several new Drupal 8 features to simplify website management, improve the content editing experience, and maximize utilization of the platform. We implemented Layout Builder with widgets as design elements as part of the page composition process, with the facility to drag and drop to give real time visualization of each web page as it is created.  Personalization Engine Identified users and their overall profiles (or Persona) to prioritize and present them with the most relevant personalized content as fast as possible. Coveo’s inherent capability was used to achieve targeted, personalized and secure search results. Achieving on demand workflow while remaining within a predefined model was accomplished by providing the SPOC a Self Service Interface to configure. 

Once Drupal 8 was securely implemented and supported, our team built a front-end Angular JS solution to connect the new intranet portal with Drupal CMS through API integration. For Analytics of user engagement, we built more than 5 dashboards across digital properties, where we captured visitors across multiple ‘Attract’ channels such as e-mail, search, etc. and facilitated measurement of engagement KPIs using data connector integration for Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign.

Enterprise Level Tool Integration with Notifications was achieved by integrating various tools/services into the intranet core. Notification feature provided as a widget and also as a service directly on the portal. The portal was Integrated with social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

We are indeed glad we worked with Valuebound team for our intranet redesign. The team has great strategic, creative and out of the box approach to complex business problems. Ability to respond to changing business needs and the agility in delivery has been outstanding. The results of this partnership is evident with a greater satisfaction levels from our colleagues post the redesign.
IT Director
Wrap up

With high performance team, we finished the project on time along with cost saving by 60%. After re-launch of the portal, employee engagement were up by 1006%.