Commerce Solution
Design and build seamless, Omni-Channel and unique commerce experiences for your customers, with Wide Range of Technology Integrations.
Intelligent E-commerce Solution

Intelligent E-commerce Solution

Commerce solutions are the need of the hour for every type of business. Be it the Brick and mortar companies, who just want an enable online transaction led sale from their website, or an e-commerce company facing issues in long transaction time causing irritated clients, or a SaaS firm with regular payment happening on the website or through a separate landing page.

Intelligent e-commerce solution iCXP has been developed keeping our enterprise customers in mind. Tested for concurrency of over 5,000 users we have helped clients across domains like Semiconductor, Real Estate, Retail to name a few. They could provide seamless experience to their customers through our fully decoupled architecture for omni-channel experience, which is integrated with multiple other technology platform including enterprise inventory, region specific shipping gateways to serve your customers globally as well as specific payment options.  

At Valuebound, our engagements with the stakeholders of commerce teams across firms has made us learn their pain points. Our custom commerce solutions keep your clients at the heart of each transaction, Making the entire transaction process as seamless and as intuitive as possible. We also help businesses slice and dice the transactions by providing custom dashboards, integrated with your marketing tools or supply chain solutions.

We worked with Valuebound to develop commerce solutions for our global electronics products meant to be used by various manufacturers. Valuebound had been already working with us to develop and manage the CMS based e-commerce portal. Though we had in mind what exactly we wanted from the platform, Valuebound exceeded our expectations in delivering a much better UX rich e-commerce platform, which our customers just loved. Would recommend any large firm to work with them for developing their commerce platform.
Director - Revenue, Leading Semiconductor company


Outcome based testimonial:

We have one of the largest global networks of customers and suppliers for our thousands of SKUs. The commerce platform was meant to support the customers and our global sales team. Valuebound developed the ecommerce platform tightly integrated with various other systems like Oracle inventory, multiple shipping gateway respective to regions, in the entire value chain. This brought us a net saving of over 23% compared to the existing process.

IT Director, Leading Semiconductor company

What we deliver

Robust Shopping cart 

Shopping carts should make the customer feel an experience similar to a physical store. Our robust solution helps your customers take as much item in the cart, without losing any information across channels. Tested by concurrency of over 5000 users, the system just delivers the promise


UX Rich Store Design

Having worked with clients of various sectors from manufacturing to semiconductor to real estate, we understand best what unique experience a customer wants on those platforms. Feature enabled stores, with options to select features in various ways just enhances the probability a customer should buy online from you.


Optimized & Secure Cloud hosting

Create your own cloud payment solution linked to your online store, to provide optimized and differentiated shopping experience for various products. Creating such standalone web platforms for your multiple brands is possible within days.


Seamless Customer Experience

A seamless transaction journey for your customers from content through promotion to commerce, gets more interesting when you have personalized the customer’s journey crafted only for him. our expertise in building AI based personalization engines for Fortune 500 companies will help you build one within no time.


Shopping Journey across channels

iCXP helps your customers start a commerce journey from whichever channel they would like to, and move across as seamlessly as possible. Built on a decoupled platform, the payment integration is equally stable and efficient at Mobile, web or any other device.


Integration with any payment gateway

We have worked with almost all major payment gateways, and have developed APIs for many of them. This just gives you and your customers an option to choose from gateways you prefer in the geography for applicable currency. 


Integrations with other platforms

The commerce platform can be integrated with your CRM systems, and inventory management systems to provide the customers live information about the product, as well as you can track every transaction in the way you want.  


Analytics Dashboard

We help you oversee 360 views of any transaction at any point of time, helping you stay on top of entire transaction and cart analytics. Intelligent analytics with a variety of data display tools just lets you slide and dice the data in the way you want. You also get stock number and custom alerts as per your requirements.


Product and Category management

Our solution has helped clients manage upto 1,00,000 SKUs across categories, each with unique features. Advanced search engines like Elastic search, Robust categorization and ability to create multiple product pages helped businesses manage differentiation across products.


Security Guaranteed

Your customers will have the same brand faith in the payment process as well, because the entire process is built to be secure and completely protected from data breaches.



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