Views Contextual Filters to Display Content by passing Raw value from URL in Drupal 8

As we all familiar with the basics of normal filter and contextual filter. In this tutorial i won’t touch basics of views but The Contextual filter.

If you’re not familiar with Views Contextual Filters, It’s also known as Views Arguments in Drupal 6 and then got renamed for Drupal 7 as well. Essentially, Contextual Filters intelligently filters content to reduce the result set in various ways and is pretty powerful.It makes your View scalable and one View can be used on many pages on your site rather than having to create many views, one for each page / block.

Lets’ Begin with Contextual Filter

Example of Books, my use case is something like this: I have a node type "Books" with some additional field (Title/ Authored by). The view lists all content belongs to specific user id and by adding a contextual filter I can filter the View to books relevant to a particular uid

i.e: etc

Step 1:  Under the "Advanced" area of the Views UI admin, expand that and you will see "Contextual Filters".

Advanced Filter

Step 2: We are going to add “Content Authored By”  & click on Apply (all displays)

Content Authored by

Step 3: Select Provide default value under Default actions “Type: Raw value from URL” WHEN THE FILTER VALUE IS NOT IN THE URL
below you will get the Path component. so, based on your requirement you can set the path component. for now i’m keeping default path to 1 and click on Apply (all displays)


Step 4:  Click on Save button and save the view page configuration. now you can visit the page

Now Keep changing the available uid to load the page based on their user id.

save view page configuration

E.g: with uid 3


E.g: with uid 4



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