Introducing Drupal 7 Registration Invite Module

Introducing Drupal 7 Registration Invite Module

Recently we have developed a new Drupal module “ Registration invite”, for the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Alumni Association site. The module is developed specifically to send invitations to all students who have graduated and are to join the alumni network.

The requirement was to allow users to become a member by invitation only. This module envisages creating a group of common interests with a unique URL assigned to each user of the group. By limiting new user registration to referrals only, this module aims to create a site of closed communities with semi-private accessibility.

With this potentially powerful module, the administrator can keep track of each user, both invitees, and referrals. The complete instruction process to install this module is listed below.

Installation steps

Module has two dependency

  1. Invite
  2. User Referral

Download and enable these two.

After installation of the above two modules, enable “Registration invite module”.
Enable Invite Registration Module

After enabling the module, you will get the settings “New user registration by invitation only” in the account setting page.
Configure Invite Registration Module

Once you have enabled this setting, registration will be open only for users who got invitation.

Invitations can be send either by the administrator or any user who is already a member of the site and has permission to send invite.

To send invite visit this page - Email will be sent to all users who are invited to register on your site along with unique invite code. User can use this link to complete the registration process,

This module is best suited for those sites, where accessibility is confined to closed group.

Download the module from here. Registration invite

If you have new ideas to improve this module further or want to customize it for your own projects feel free to contact us.