Top Promising edtech start-ups scaling higher

Top Promising Edtech Start-ups Scaling Higher

The Edtech space in India has gained much momentum, thanks to the increased remote learning environment since 2020. Some of the start-ups  catching up in the edtech space are Whitehat Education, Mindlogicx, Meritnation, Masai School, Practically, Skillmatics, Testbook, and Culturealley among others. In previous blog, we talked about top edtech companies that became unicorns for their unique platform and tech solutions. This blog talks about promising edtech startups soon to enter unicorn club.


Quizziz is a platform that is now being used in group assignments, pre-test reviews, classes, pop quizzes, and formative assessments and is known for creating and selling gamified student engagement programs. The edtech platform is customizable, available for all age groups, and accessible across any device and platform, with more than 10 million users, this edtech start-up is forecasted to soon make its entry into the unicorn club of India. While technology-based learning is only recent in India, Quizziz is also now integrating regional languages for wider adoption here.

What makes Quizziz unique and different from other edtech start-ups is that they do not pitch their product as a “supplementary education” beyond the schools. The USP technology of Quizziz is gamification and analytics. Speaking of the tech stacks, this engaging learning platform makes use of over 15 technologies, including Moment.js, jQuery, Node.js, Express, Google Workspace, Amazon Cloudfront, Amazon Web Services, and MoEngage, among others.


Focussing primarily on one subject, Bangalore-based Cuemath has over 3,000 centers in the country. Cuemath focuses on improving mathematical concepts. This edtech start-up was founded in 2013. What’s unique about Cuemath is its platform called LEAP which customizes each worksheet and class according to the student. The company claims that its students can complete courses 20% faster than other competitors.

Addressing the pain point of students, i.e. weak foundation in Mathematics concepts, Cuemath is now recognized for its unique math learning system. The company offers online after-school math classes, and also focuses on coding lessons. Cuemath has an AI-powered platform that helps students in moving at their own pace. Cuemath makes use of over 18 technology services and products and 50+ technologies on the website. Some of these include jQuery, Google Font API, Viewport Meta, and Google Analytics, among others.


Mumbai-based Toppr helps K-12 students with online examination preparation and aiding students in classrooms. Toppr’s structured courses are powered through interactive video lectures, doubt-clearing sessions, practice question sets, and test series. Conceptual learning, application, practice, and comparison are four steps in which classroom teaching is done at Toppr. It also focuses on adaptive question practice and goal-based learning.

Toppr offers technology solutions by recognizing the problem of need-gap. Toppr Doubt is the solution for helping students clear their doubts at any time, in real-time through experts. Toppr is using its investments in developing an AI-based Toppr School Operating System, in an attempt to unify in-school and after-school learning.

The digital tools or technologies used by Toppr include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data, for understanding students’ behavior.


Founded in 2018, Classplus aims at digitizing the tuition/ coaching system through its coaching institute management software. The SaaS-based platform addressed a major pain point of teachers by helping them create their individual apps to provide coaching and course content to their students. Classplus platforms are mobile-first and offer unlimited cloud storage and data security features. Content of teachers may include video lectures, shared messages, online tests, and homework. Classplus offers ease of tutoring and digital payments. This edtech firm has over 200k users on its platform. In its tech stack are some of the popular technologies like React, Ubuntu, Amazon Web Services, CleverTap, OWL Carousel, jQuery, and Bootstrap among others.

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