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Valuebound contributes Content Type Dependency module to the Drupal community

Valuebound Interactive Solutions is pleased to announce the contribution of a brand new module to the prestigious open source Drupal community. The Content-Type Dependency module sponsored by BuKMarker and developed by the Valuebound team has now been approved by the community and is available for download on drupal.org/project/content_type_dependency.

This module has been enhanced and fine-tuned to incorporate feedback by the community. This process of approval through community participation has ensured that the module has passed strict Drupal quality standards. Issues and feature requests should be created at the community page, URL drupal.org/project/issues/content_type_dependency.

The Content-Type Dependency module allows admins to create rules. Each of these rules will prevent a user from adding one particular content type unless the user has finished adding a specified number of other content type. The number can be specified by the admin.

Some possible uses of this module are:

  • A market analyst has to contribute industry insights (content type) before publishing his profile on a site.
  • A seller has to add a company page for her to be able to start adding a products page
  • A blogger needs to add his profile before he can start posting blogs

Please contact Valuebound for paid customization and additional features.

Content type dependency module configuration