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Valuebound releases Drupal 7 version of Profile Enforcer module

Valuebound Interactive Solutions is happy to share the Drupal 7 version of the Profile Enforcer module with the Drupal community. This release was thought necessary for the community as the Profile Enforcer module fulfills a very commonly encountered requirement that specified users of a site be allowed to access certain site pages only if they make a one-time entry of their profile details. The module has been updated to work with Drupal 7, with enhanced support features to make it more user-friendly.

While an obvious use of the module would be to ensure for instance, that a blogger can post his blog onto a site only if he's filled in his profile details, or that a forum user can open a new thread only if she's entered her name and email ID, the module can be enhanced to add significantly more functionality.

Other immediate uses of this module might be, for instance, if you have a site for brain training games. At the end of level one, the user can access level two only if he fills in certain fields. Or your user is a gold member. He can become a platinum member only if he inputs a value in certain fields.

You're welcome contact us for more information or clarifications on what this ubiquitously required potentially powerful module can do. Do also feel free to contact the expert Valuebound development team for enhanced functionalities you want to achieve through such a module. You can post support issues at https://www.drupal.org/project/issues/profile_enforcer.

Profile Enforce Module Configuration