Cloud Technology

Radhakrishnan RK July 17, 2019

Build your CI/CD pipeline with AWS Elasticbeanstack, Codepipeline and Cloudformation

Building an Immutable Infrastructure is the ultimate goal of this solution. Reusability of code for creating a similar environment in a short duration of time and more developer-friendly is another…

Debjani Chatterjee December 7, 2016

How can Publishers crack the Digital Transformation Code?

Most publishing enterprises are considering a Digital Transformation initiative and vendors across the world are mushrooming to take the leap from baby steps to actually helping out organizations in…

Debjani Chatterjee November 17, 2016

5 Things to know about Cloud if you are in Publishing

As Cloud computing garnered year-over-year traction in the enterprise world, companies have wondered if it would suit the needs of these organisations and if it is as a matter of fact doing today,…

5 Things to know about Cloud if you are in Publishing

Debjani Chatterjee November 17, 2016
Debjani Chatterjee November 3, 2016

What are the benefits of different Cloud Technology Stack?

Cloud computing might come across as one of the solutions for industries which are looking to outsource storage and maintaining issues. The world of Digital Media is moving forward tremendously and…

Debjani Chatterjee October 21, 2016

How is the Publishing industry dealing with Cloud technology?

The speed with which Media and Publishing enterprises are innovating and moving on from one technology to the next, keeps us wondering what’s next and on the line for these firms. Over the past few…