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How to Prevent Cloud Misconfiguration Caused Security Breach
Akanksha Mishra | July 29, 2022

How to Prevent Cloud Misconfiguration Caused Security Breach

990 million compromised and exposed data records over a period of one year across the globe…

How cloud solutions can help transform online education in the wake of pandemic?
Akanksha Mishra | January 27, 2022

Transforming Online Education with Cloud Based Solutions

The global cloud computing market in the education industry grew at more than 26% CAGR until  …

Step by step guide to Install Drupal 8 in AWS EC2 instance with RDS and EFS
| September 30, 2021

Installing Drupal 8 in AWS EC2 instance with AWS RDS and EFS

High availability and scalability are the two most desired traits of modern enterprise level…

Architecture Diagram | Digital Experience
Radhakrishnan RK | July 17, 2019

Build your CI/CD pipeline with AWS Elasticbeanstack, Codepipeline and Cloudformation

Building an Immutable Infrastructure is the ultimate goal of this solution. Reusability of code…

Debjani Chatterjee | December 7, 2016

How can Publishers crack the Digital Transformation Code?

Most publishing enterprises are considering a Digital Transformation initiative and vendors…

Debjani Chatterjee | November 17, 2016

5 Things to know about Cloud if you are in Publishing

As Cloud computing garnered year-over-year traction in the enterprise world, companies have…

Debjani Chatterjee | November 3, 2016

What are the benefits of different Cloud Technology Stack?

Cloud computing might come across as one of the solutions for industries which are looking to…

Debjani Chatterjee | October 21, 2016

How is the Publishing industry dealing with Cloud technology?

The speed with which Media and Publishing enterprises are innovating and moving on from one…