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Ed Tech Solutions

Education industry has undergone a massive shift over the last two decades. Businesses that provide EdTech services must develop a digital ecosystem to navigate changes across operations and service delivery. Hybrid learning models have challenged industry leaders to sense and respond to stakeholders’ needs without compromising the student’s experience. Technology solutions and engineering can drive imperatives and create value across all verticals.

Valuebound helps organizations customize, design, implement, improve, and manage multiple systems like learning management system (LMS), student information system (SIS), workflow management systems, CRM, financial management systems, and HRMS. We partner with universities and schools to develop a personalized model driven by customized content, remarkable IT strategies across student lifecycle experience, improved administrators’ productivity, enhanced employee experience, and streamlined operations.

What we deliver
Learning Management and Online Assessment Systems
Access next-generation solutions for superior learning outcomes and accurate assessment.
Hyper-Scale Cloud-native Services
Unleash infinite possibilities of cloud across every student lifecycle stage using our pod-based delivery model. Pod, deployed as an autonomous unit having a cross-functional team of full-stack engineers, will build a full capability set of cloud-native development.

Cloud based content management solution
Upload, Store the videos and other content of any type like Pdf, docs etc., selectively distribute and consume the e-learning content on the same LMS solution
EduSmart Solutions
Transform, innovate and extract an optimal blend of digital experience through business, tech, and innovation intersection.
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