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Best Practices To Enhance Ad Viewability In Digital Advertising

Getting your ad viewed by targeted audience shouldn't be a struggle when you are putting your best efforts on it. Also, it is not even a click-through or a conversion. Still why it is considered a win if half the ad is visible for a second or two.

Ad viewability plays a critical role in the performance of your website and business. These are greatly linked to revenue and increasing it can significantly result in a better RoI. 

For publishers, agencies, and marketers, viewability has always remained a hot topic. A low viewability rating shows that you, the publisher, need to reassess and adapt ad positions. 

Let’s cut through the clutter and discuss some of the best practices that can help publishers enhance ad viewability and increase revenue.

Page length

According to Google, the short form of contents are tend to have higher viewability. Shorter contents are easy to consume if your pages have only a single fold. You can also enable infinite control if you wish to post longer content.

Load speed

Websites filled with ads are naturally associated with a high load time. Google suggests brands should make sure their webpage is loading fast, including ad rendering time. In such circumstances, performance optimization is recommended as both user experience and usability are dependent on the speed of page loads.

Alternatively, leverage Google Pagespeed - speed optimization tool - to analyze and optimize website performance. 

Design responsiveness

Responsive design ensure that ads will adapt to the browser and device used for viewing those ads. Responsive ads not only provides a better user experience but also enhances the viewability. This move can help you improve the viewability of ads and business revenue.

Sidebar content

Responsive templates are a great way to enhance user experience and boost viewability. However, you should know how your sidebar content is presented in each template. In certain scenarios, an ad might not be visible when you amplify the content. Make sure sidebar content has optimum visibility even when users zoom in on your page.

Optimize your viewability

Ad placement matters. Placement of ads just above the fold has proved the best place for the highest viewability rates. Google suggests to place the ad right above the fold and not at the top of the page. Further, the most viewable ad sizes are the vertical size units such as 160x600.

Produce great content

Content is king. While there is various other recommendation on ways to improve viewability, one of the key components is content. Readers love unique and quality content. The quality content decides whether an ad will be seen is if a person is willing to invest his/her time with it. 

Measuring your performance

Well, there is n number of practices that help you to stay ahead of your competition. And measuring your ads performance is one of them. It helps you to see how you are currently performing in terms of viewability. Don’t forget to closely track each metrics. 

Measuring ads performance gives you an opportunity to work and improvise them. Most importantly, there are two metrics you need to look at - placement and creative sizes.

Bottom line: Viewability is a challenge for both buyers and sellers. Optimizing the ads accordingly helps you to bring better results, build a long-term relationship and drive more revenue. Hence, we suggest not to just take our advice but test, learn and let the data drive your decisions. 

Hope you have enjoyed reading the list of viewability tips! Be sure to implement and test each one for the best results. If you want our Drupal team to take a look at your website and provide you with a few personalized insights. Contact us.