Checklist to hire Drupal Vendor

Checklist to hire Drupal Vendor for your next Digital Publishing platform

We help to create solutions for “out of the box” web content management tool which is a  customizable platform -- this helps you find the right tool to serve your content management strategy.

When assessing who to hire for your CMS project especially for your Digital Publishing requirements, use this as you quick use checklist.

  1. They build scalable sites

    Scalable sites are future proof and will be very handy once you decide to expand.
  2. They build mobile first or responsive

    We know that Mobile first or a responsive site is THE basic requirement for Media and Publishing companies. With apps loosing grounds, it will mostly be Mobile first which is optimized and uses less resources and focuses on the user experience your audience needs
  3. They build integrated Digital applications

    Connecting content to Social Media and integration of tools should one of the main things that gives more power to you.
  4. They build easy Content Authoring

    An easy to use content authoring and workflow management means you get to do what you do the best to create great content. No managerial hassles and easy handling for editorial oe admin panels.
  5. They build secure websites

    One of the key points in your project is obviously security, make sure your added team members are in the same page too.

  6. They build multisite

    You may be having one site and expand to more tomorrow or may have multiple platforms which need to be integrated.

  7. They build multilingual

    There are a large number of audience who are non-english and you cater to them which enhances your business opportunities, Multilingual sites go a long way to ensure this.

  8. They build content first

    When you are primarily in the content business it is necessary that your services are more content oriented that target the right market, which is reusable and can be published anywhere, anytime into any channel

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