How is the Publishing industry dealing with Cloud technology?

How is the Publishing industry dealing with Cloud technology?

The speed with which Media and Publishing enterprises are innovating and moving on from one technology to the next, keeps us wondering what’s next and on the line for these firms. Over the past few weeks in our articles we have been discussing a lot about some of the new technologies, and how they are beneficial for organizations especially in the Media domain.

In this post we explore Cloud Technology for Digital Publishers.

What are the common issues in the Digital Publishing domain?

Fast Browsing experience

Websites which have viewers from a large variety of viewer base have certain expectations from the industry leaders and are constantly raising their standards higher. No one expects to wait for a few seconds to let a web page load.

Digital Publishing website have known to contain rich media content like videos and images for every article displayed on screen in a single page and there are plenty. We deal with too many links, pop ups and these tend to slow down performance.

The question arises as to how to make the browsing experience better keeping in mind about resources, because let's get real, at the end of the day if the balance sheets don’t show growth you are going wrong somewhere. The teams are bugged with issues and one of the major is ,

Increasing sales by increasing focus on content

Content is widely available  these days and if you are not getting enough traffic on your content, probably someone has already written it better or used strategies that has helped bring more viewership. Which leads us to the consumers, with the above in focus, CEOs are required to

Cut down costs and bring down Manpower

Decreased labour, resources and working capital costs. These organisations are always on the outlook to innovate with optimum utilization of resources and no compromises on content where protection is one of the major issues of concern to any website which deals with data.

Modern day technology is really moving fast and enhancing the content processing software can improve performance of websites, cut down costs and bring down run time charges for a Media organization and solve some of the major issues that Media executives are dealing with. These will augment the core competencies and enable them to thrive.

Cloud computing presents a new hope for the Media industry and which allows Cloud computing represents a fresh approach to these these ongoing issues which aim to manage the issues with outsourced and managed services solutions.

One of the first things that come to the mind when we hear about cloud technology is AWS or the Amazon Web Services. I visited the websites and it featured three videos from some of the leaders in the media domain. They discuss some of the major happenings in their domain. The FT CTO says that they have transformed with focus on being as embedded and as close to the newsroom and business as possible. We see the Comcast solution Architect speak that Comcast is an “Advanced network that delivers some of the fastest high speed internet speeds, high speed videos as well as home offerings” . Businesses are all gearing up for Scalability, elasticity, global availability says Eva, Director at Netflix.

Financial Times on Cloud

The AWS CEO points out "In the fullness of time, whether it's ten years or 20 years, very few companies will own their own data centers, and those that do will have a smaller footprint than they have now. The transition will lead to qualitative changes in the enterprise, Jassy said.

Data won't just inform decisions, it will drive decisions, Jassy said. That's already happening with enterprises that have already gone all in on cloud”

Whether Cloud can be a solution to a particular firm will depend on the way the business and technology is. Each each Media and Publishing enterprise function differently and Cloud computing will not necessarily be a game changer on its own. But together with the integration and experimentation will emerge out to be one of the forerunners in scalability and match the speed with which consumers are absorbing experience.

Over a series of articles we plan to discuss about Cloud Technology and its Potential for the Media domain.

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