Sreejith S

Sreejith S

Marketing Consultant

Sreejith works as a Marketing Consultant and Content Strategist in Valuebound. He is passionate about learning how technology enhances human lives. His hobbies include reading non-fiction books and volunteering for promoting scientific temper. Get in touch with him at

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Sreejith S

Sreejith S April 23, 2020

5 Costly Cybersecurity Mistakes that Every Business must Avoid

In the business world, mistakes are costly whether they happen in accounting, customer service, or advertising. But, when it comes to cybersecurity, even small mistakes or instances of overlooking…

Sreejith S April 16, 2020

How to Safeguard your Organization from Cyber threats in the Covid-19 era?

The world is facing a rising tide of cyber-attacks and one of the recent victims is San Francisco Airport. Small and medium-sized organizations often feel safe due to the wrong notion that hackers…

Sreejith S March 13, 2020

How to craft Personalized Digital Experiences using Acquia Lift?

A few decades ago, companies were involved in the mass production of products and services with very limited options for customers to choose from. In the following years, increased competition and…

Sreejith S March 11, 2020

How Drupal can help in creating amazing Digital Experiences?

Traditionally, companies used to focus primarily on product designs and features. The underlying assumption was that the best product will automatically bring in the best results. Recently,…