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Abhinav Pathak
Abhinav is a Content Writer at Valuebound. Apart from writing web content, he is also keenly interested in writing fiction and reading books.

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Abhinav Pathak

Content Personalization
Abhinav Pathak | May 30, 2018

Creating an Effective Content Personalization

Personalization isn’t a new concept. The creator and project lead of Drupal,…
E-Commerce Solutions and Third-Party Integration
Abhinav Pathak | May 9, 2018

E-Commerce Solutions and Third-Party Integration Options within Drupal Ecosystem

Drupal has several options and solutions to develop different types…
Blockchain and media industry
Abhinav Pathak | May 3, 2018

How Blockchain can help the Media Industry

There is a lot of fuss all around regarding Blockchain Technology - I myself have heard of it a…
Safety concerns in an e-commerce site
Abhinav Pathak | April 6, 2018

Safety concerns in an E-Commerce site and how Drupal is addressing it

The advances in technology has brought in an unprecedented growth in E-Commerce industry, which…