Content Marketing Squad

Structuring a Content Marketing Squad : Have you put together the Dream Team ?

Content Marketing is a multi-phase process that rides on the expertise of a well structured content marketing team. Content professionals are responsible for creating content that is not only coherent but appealing to a target audience for its convincing undertone and undeniable credibility. A content creator par excellence is a thought leader and a strategist bundled up together to add value to a content marketing team. The eventual quest for putting together a strategic mix of talent that is passionate about content can be broken down into a few sub-tasks as described here.

How to identify the Key Stakeholders?

A well structured Content Marketing Team is characterised by well defined roles and responsibilities. Content marketing professionals assume various responsibilities on a content marketing team based on their interests and core competencies. While some may enjoy coming up with creative ideas for content per se, strategizing and online promotional activity may be the forte for others. But if we talk about a professional Content Marketing unit that is passionately committed to the Content marketing initiative, it is definitely a structured team with well defined roles that wins the day hands down.

# Content Director/ Managing Editor

As an Opera Director involved in the ideation stages of scripting, stage setting and guiding performances in a theatrical, the Content Director is in charge of the entire Content Marketing initiative. A Content Editor is responsible for editorial management, content design approval and finalizing web, print or event resources. According to a report by Altimeter, a leader at the helm of a Content Marketing Team in an organization is a Content Evangelist who creates and monitors B2B content strategies for operating a content machine manned by a dedicated team of Content professionals.

# Content Strategists

As digital storytelling continues to rule the roost in online marketing, the role of a Content Strategist has evolved into that of a storyteller who can refine a content marketing initiative. Folks from Copywriting and Advertising backgrounds can add that extra zing to a content strategist’s role in a structured Content Marketing team. A Content Strategy basically revolves around the theory that there are multiple content resources at a content strategist’s disposal that are yet to be unexplored.

# Content Ideation Experts

They are ideation experts who are not necessarily engaged in content creation themselves but are the lifeblood of a brainstorming session. A content ideation expert could be anyone who is well acquainted with the industry related topics trending in the virtual marketplace. Although they are not a core member of a structured content marketing team, ideation experts can be invited over for their valuable suggestions and content generation ideas.

# Web Content Promoters

Content Promoters are part of the Content crew that is entrusted with the task of sharing and promoting the content across different social media platforms. They are expert social media networkers who have perfected the art of deciphering the web audience’s inclination towards a specific brand of web content. Although their main job is to promote the published web content, a Content promoter manages to reach a wider audience if they have an established brand persona for themselves on the social media.

# Web Content Specialist /Content Creator

A Content Creator is the glue in the Content marketing team as they put all the ideation and planning into audience ready formats. The backbone of any Content Marketing Campaign, a Content Creator or the Web Content Specialist is the person who coordinates with the Marketing Managers and technical staff to create and update dynamic web content. Their responsibilities also include scheduling and timely implementation of marketing campaigns and other promotional activities. Their skill sets are a combination of analytical thinking and creativity to craft strong visual presentations that maximize the impact of the content generated.

# Content Analyst

A Content Analyst is an individual who puts in the hours to assess the impact of your marketing campaign by reviewing the analytics for the promotional content. This person is responsible for evaluating the level of engagement based on the social shares, amount of traffic generated, search rankings and lead conversions. Their analysis lets you figure out the type of content that resonates with your target audience along with ways to optimize the entire content generation and promotion cycle.

Where to Look for the right Content Minded Marketers?

The search for potential candidates for your ideal Content Marketing Team should begin in your own backyard as there will be no dearth of enthusiastic internal contributors there. You can assign content creation jobs to your internal contributors based on their area of expertise or subject of interest. The tasks of content ideation, creation, editing, promotion and analysis can be delegated within the organization based on the aptitude and inclination of your employees. You can assign the content creation job  to an Agency in case you need a specific amount of content to be generated at a given time.

What to Look for in the prospective Content Professional?

The passion for ideating or generating unique content is an imperative quality that a content professional must possess. Members of a Content Marketing team should ideally have rock solid writing and editing skills with a keen eye for the details. Organizational skills,a disciplined approach and a reasonably sharp business acumen are some other plus points that will make the team a strategic unit that clubs in powerful and actionable insights.

How to hire an Undefeatable Content Marketing Team?

The Content Professionals may have to work in a cross-functional environment wherein they will have to coordinate with developers, product management teams or marketing specialists. Although there are no hard and fast rules on the how to hire the right Content Marketing personnel, the key lies in finding the right talent at the right time. Professionals should be hired based on the fact that each member of the team will have a definitive role to play in the content marketing initiative.

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