Facilitating Employee Wellness with Wellbeing Web Portal for Cloud Computing Company
Case Study

Facilitating Employee Wellness with Wellbeing Web Portal for Cloud Computing Company


The client has a substantial employee base worldwide. It has good programs and policies to facilitate employee wellness. Covid-19 pandemic has brought change in corporate operations and working environments. This change has made it essential for organizations to emphasize on wellness programs, policies and make it easily accessible remotely. Wellbeing web portal that client intended, aims to publish such content and make it accessible in multiple languages abiding WCAG standards, organizational security policies and brand guidelines.

Project duration
Ongoing since last 9 months
Team Structure
Technical Lead (Drupal), Developers (Drupal, Angular and UI)
Team Size
4 -10 members
In-place webportal and need for migration

Our client has webportal dedicated to showcase wellness programs and policies. This webportal was having constraints to enhance authoring experience and align with improvised content strategy and security policies. Business has been impressed with one of the web portals, called “Sourcex '' which we have developed for them and wanted the same seamless authoring experience and alignment with improvised content strategy and security policies. Case study of “Sourcex” project can be read here.

What did we do?

  • Enhanced authoring experience by offering content creation and management through Drupal
  • Improvised end user experience with Angular at the frontend. This also makes it a decoupled app to adopt brand guidelines changes.
  • For seamless content translation we integrated an ecosystem of translation modules and extended processes and interfaces. Business has just loved the simplicity, flexibility and scalability of translation features which we have custom tailored.
  • Simplified the need for personalized content for each business unit.
  • Information management where each BU ensures that information remains updated. 
  • The information is accessible for internal employees as well as external customers and prospective employees. Of course, information accessibility abides with organizational content security policies.
  • The microservices we deployed for the wellbeing project provide search capability, content indexing, cookie management, and easy content configuration.

Key Integrations

  • Coveo for Search
  • Workvivo
  • OneTrust for Cookie Management

Employee engagement can bring in the emotional connect of employees to the firm. It tends to motivate employees to work towards company’s goals like their own and bring in a positive workplace culture without forced efforts. There can be no customer experience without a compelling employee experience. Organizations can drive a compelling EX if they can execute on following points-

Agility for success

Reaching out to employees with the right platform, right content, and in the right context is a must.

Digital and Physical World Connection

Orchestrating a digital experience for employees across multiple channels fuels employee delight.

Using content for engagement

Strategic content creation and management can help employees in remaining engaged within the firm.

Our client, an American cloud computing and virtualization technology company headquartered in California, faced a lack of compelling employee experience at the nucleus of its problem. The client was using a legacy product, a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with various productivity tools, which couldn’t complement the required changes.

Wrap up

Our Success and Achievements

  • Gives employees consumer like experience at work
  • Exponentially Increasing employee productivity and engagement
Services Provided
Strategy and Consulting Services
Drupal Development
Drupal Migration & Upgrade
Drupal Support
I wanted to extend a word of thanks to the team that’s been working with us for the last few months. Valuebound team has really helped us bring everything together and create a good product. We are still a long way from being done, but I do want to take the opportunity to thank the team for all the hard work – through the pandemic, personal challenges etc. I would like to recommend all the team members for the awards/recognition process within Valuebound to appreciate and acknowledge the work that they have put in.

Thanks for the partnership. Very excited about the product we are creating.
- Senior Manager, IT Applications